9 days (Surapine)
Euros 2.700 (double/triple room)
Euros 3.360 (single room)

12 days (Maira & Stilson)
Euros 3.400 (multiple bed room)
Euros 4.060 (single room)

The fee includes

  • individual voice lessons and coachings
  • acting classes
  • dance classes
  • daily jazz / movement class (Luigi Technique)
  • vocal technique
  • group masterclasses
  • audition workshop
  • vocal ensemble
  • myofascial release and laryngeal palpation
  • mock auditions / Cuts masterclasses
  • subtext / songs as text / monologues class
  • how to build your book, gender-bend and select appropriate keys
  • daily yoga
  • Italian lessons
  • gala performance at the stunning San Domenico Auditorium
  • performances in beautiful locations during the Narnia Festival featuring American song book, jazz standards and contemporary musical theater
  • free entrance to all rehearsals and concerts of the Narnia Festival
  • excursions
  • lodging
  • breakfast and dinner
  • airport transfers

Airplane ticket and lunch NOT included.

Meals Conventions

NARNIA ARTS ACADEMY arranged special conventions for lunch (not included in the package) with local restaurants.

Students can take advantage of a special agreement on meal pricing arranged by Narnia Arts Academy with the restaurants

  • La Taverna dell’Aquila Nera
  • Ristorante La Loggia dei Priori
  • Ristorante Il Fondaco
  • La Bottega del Giullare
  • I Ghibellini.

Lunch coupons available at a special price of €8, €11 and €16 each can be purchased exclusively at the Narnia Arts Academy office (cash only).

  • Pre Fix Menu (€8 exclusively at La Taverna dell’Aquila Nera) includes:
    • First course
    • Second course with vegetable
    • Bread
    • Water
  • Pizza (€8 exclusively at I Ghibellini) includes:
    • Pizza
    • Water or soft drink
  • One Course Meal (€11 exclusively at La Loggia, Fondaco, I Ghibellini, La Bottega del Giullare) includes:
    • Choice of first course or second course with vegetables
    • Coffee
    • Water
  • Two Course Meal (€16 exclusively at La Loggia, Fondaco, I Ghibellini, La Bottega del Giullare) includes:
    • Choice of two first courses
    • Choice of two second courses with vegetables
    • Choice of fruit, dessert or coffee
    • Water

Those who do not want to take advantage of this special meal package can handle lunch on their own.

Lodging Conventions

Students will lodge at one of the following facilities:

  • Le Stanze del Giglio – Apartments
  • Hotel La Loggia dei Priori
  • Residence Palazzo Barilatti

Le stanze del Giglio Apartments, Hotel La Loggia dei Priori, the Residence Palazzo Barilatti are all in the center of Narni and at walking distance to the campus venues.

You can choose the option of double/triple room or single room (extra charge) on the application form

NO NEED TO CALL THE HOTEL. NARNIA ARTS ACADEMY WILL PASS THE BOOKINGS TO THE LODGING FACILITIES. The lodging facilities will not accept direct reservations from the participants.

The rooms (and any requests for sharing) will be assigned taking into account the dates of your reservation.