The Narnia Festival is also solidarity

For years the artistic director of the Narnia Festival, Cristiana Pegoraro, has devoted herself to supporting various international organizations in their humanitarian causes. For her will, every year the Narnia Festival dedicates one or more events to solidarity.

Past events include, among others,

the concert “Cristiana & Friends” and a photo exhibition to support the Association “Semi di Pace” ONLUS
Associazione Semi di Pace ONLUS

The concert ‘Cristiana & Friends” to support the Fondazione Gigi Ghirotti ONLUS
Fondazione Gigi Ghirotti ONLUS

The concert “Spettacolare viaggio all’interno della musica popolare brasiliana” on the shore of Piediluco Lake to support the Canile Rifugio Monte Argento
Canile Rifugio Monte Argento