Summer Programs

International Summer Training Program

Narnia Arts Academy and the City of Narni will offer the ninenth season of the Narnia Festival and International Summer Training Program for instrumentalists, singers, and dancers in the beautiful city of Narni (Italy).

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International Vocal Arts Program

The International Vocal Arts Program is an organization whose aim is to offer eager musicians and singers from all nations the opportunity to pursue the art form of opera and classical singing through intensive training and to perform in exciting full staged productions presented as part of the larger Narnia Festival.

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Junior Masterclass

An innovative play-educational initiative dedicated to children 6 years and up.

…The Junior Masterclasses aim to teach children the beauty of ensemble playing, sharing, working towards a common goal, and trusting one another all in a fun and constructive way…

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Acting Workshop “Interpretarsi”


In the beautiful setting of Narni, a characteristic medieval Umbrian city, participants will have the opportunity to perfect their artistic skills and experience the creative potential of the art of acting. Two performances on stage on the billboard at the Narnia Festival: July 24 “Shakespeare in Love” – July 25 “Una corsa nel Vento”

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Narnia Dance

Narnia Dance is a three-day international stage for dancers offering lessons in classical, modern, and contemporary dance. The program will feature a final show at the Auditorium San Domenico in Narni as part of the larger Narnia Festival.

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Narnia Tango

Milonga “DegusTango”

Viviana Falcetelli and Marco Renzicchi, tango dancers
Musicalizador: Byby
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Narnia Flamenco

Narnia Arts Academy is thrilled to present FLAMENCO CLASSES with CATERINA LUCIA COSTA

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Italian Language and Culture Program

Narnia Arts Academy will offer Italian Language and Culture Courses in the beautiful city of Narni – Italy.
The goal of the courses is to offer the possibility to beginners (A1/A2 of the common European framework), intermediate students (B1/B2 of the common European framework), and advanced students (C1/C2 of the common European framework) to study the Italian language or deepen their knowledge of it within a context that makes use of the Umbrian region and its natural, historical and artistic wealth.

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Narnia Culture & Leisure

As part of the Narnia Festival, you may enjoy taking part in the activities of Narnia Culture & Leisure – a brand of Narnia Arts Academy – ranging from cultural courses to guided tours dedicated to tourists and family members of participants on the campus.

The proposals are modular and designed for a term of one or two weeks.

All classes will be run in English by our qualified and experienced teaching staff.

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