Olympic Games of Music

International Competition
Narni (TR), July 31, 2021

Narnia Arts Academy introduces the Olympic Games of Music International Competition open to musicians of all nationalities and backgrounds. This competition is designed to promote the performing arts, focusing on young talents and on the enrichment of their musical experience.

The seventh annual competition will take place in Narni, Italy, on Saturday, July 31, 2021 and it is open to the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Strings (Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass)
  • Guitar
  • Voice
  • Brass/Woodwind
  • Percussion
  • Chamber groups

Application deadline: July 27, 2021. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Contestants should download and fill out the application form and send it, together with a receipt of payment and copy of ID to:

  • Narnia Arts Academy
  • Via Cavour 3
  • 05100 Terni, Italy

Scanned application forms, receipt of payment and ID can be also emailed to: olimpiadidellamusica@gmail.com

Competition requirements and procedures:
Each contestant must present to the jury with the following:

  • Personal ID
  • Copy of the music scores they will be performing (except for the Composition Category).

All contestants can participate in a higher age group.

Transcriptions or simplifications of the standard repertoire will not be accepted.

Contestants will be heard in the alphabetical order starting from the letter picked by the jury.

Execution by memory in chamber music is not obligatory, but will be taken into consideration.


Narnia Arts Academy reserves the right to cancel any category in case there are not enough contestants. In case of cancellation, the participants will be warned in advance and the application fee will be returned.

Narnia Arts Academy does not assume any risk or damages arising from the activities of the competition participants.

Lodging and meals are the responsibility of the participants.

Competition Requirements:

  • Time limit will be strictly enforced. Those contestants, who exceed the time limit in their category, will be interrupted.
  • Auditions will be open to the public, however audience members will not be allowed in the hall during the voting procedure.
  • Entering and exiting the concert hall during the performances is strictly prohibited.
  • Any kind of video or audio recording during the competition performances is also strictly prohibited.

Narnia Arts Academy will provide an accompanist only to those contestants who made a requested on the competition application form. Contestants who wish to use Narnia Arts Academy’s accompanist should add €60.00 to their application fee, and should send or email the piano scores of the pieces to be performed. The scores should be received by July 27, 2021.

The competition application fee and/or the accompanist fee is non refundable, except in the event of cancellation of a category due to unforeseen circumstances.

Narnia Arts Academy will email the performance schedule by July 28, 2021.


Piano will have the following age categories:

  • category (age)time limit
  • A. up to age 13 (born in 2008 and after) 12 minutes
  • B. ages 14 – 18 (born between 2003 and 2007) 15 minutes
  • C. ages 19 and above (born in 2002 and before) 20 minutes

Each contestant is free to perform two or more contrasting works, but each age category should include one work that is from either the Baroque or Classical period, and one virtuosic work.

*Contestants in the piano category can compete for the additional “Cristiana Pegoraro Award”(€100.00). In order to compete for the Cristiana Pegoraro Award, contestants must perform one piece from the collection Children’s Songbook Vol. I and II (for category A) and Ithaka (for category B and C) by Cristiana Pegoraro. Music scores can be obtained on www.cristianapegoraro.com. Contestants competing for the Cristiana Pegoraro Award should specify it in the application form and will be allowed extra time to perform the work.

All contestants in this category will have the opportunity to try out the audition piano. Schedule will be made in advance.

The audition schedule will be published on our website.

String Instruments (Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass)

Strings will have the following age categories:

  • category (age)time limit
  • D. up to age 13 (born in 2008 and after) 12 minutes
  • E. ages 14 – 18 (born between 2003 and 2007) 15 minutes
  • F. ages 19 and above (born in 2002 and before) 20 minutes

Each contestant is free to perform two or more contrasting works of concert level repertoire, but each age category should include one work that is from the Baroque or Classical period, and one virtuosic work or one work with contrasting characters.


  • category (age)time limit
  • G. age 14 and above (born in 2007 and before) 12 minutes

Each contestant is free to perform two or more contrasting works of concert level repertoire, which should include one work from the Baroque period, and one virtuosic work.


  • category (age)time limit
  • H. 17 to 21 (born between 2000 and 2004) 12 minutes
  • I. ages 22 and up (born in 1999 and before) 15 minutes

Requirements for Category H: The contestants must prepare 2 works consisting of an “aria antica” or “art song” in Italian and an art or folk song in any language (including spirituals). Requirements for Category I: The contestants must prepare 3 works consisting of an “aria antica” in Italian, from the early period (17th-18th centuries), an art song in French, German, Spanish or Russian and an operatic aria in any language, from any of the periods from Handel through the classical, bel canto, romantic, and 20th century eras.


  • category (age)time limit
  • J. age 14 and above (born in 2007 and before) 12 minutes

Each contestant is free to perform two or more contrasting works of concert level repertoire. For flute: one work from the Baroque period, and one virtuosic work must be included.


  • category (age)time limit
  • M. age 14 and above (born in 2007 and before) 12 minutes

Contestants are free to perform concert level repertoire of their own choice.

Chamber Groups

  • category (age)time limit
  • N. up to age 13 (born in 2008 and after) 8 minutes
  • O. age 14 and above (born in 2007 and before) 12 minutes

Contestants are free to perform concert level repertoire of their own choice.


Prizes and Awards
Each Category will have Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize.

Each prize will receive the Diploma from Narnia Arts Academy International Competition.
Only the first prizewinners in the following categories will receive scholarships awards.

Scholarships are kindly offered by Giorgio De Lorenzi (Società Italia-Argentina – Victor Ukmar Scholarship) and by Renato Cipullo (Cipullo Designs).

Some categories may have special Narnia Arts Academy Awards.

All contestants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The jury also reserves the right not to award all of the prizes.

  • category age scholarship award
  • A. piano up to age 13 *
  • B. piano ages 14-18 * €200.00
  • C. piano ages 19 and above * €250.00
  • D. strings up to age 13
  • E. strings ages 14-18 €200.00
  • F. strings ages 19 and above €200.00
  • G. guitar age 14 and above €150.00
  • H. voice ages 17-21 ** €200.00
  • I. voice ages 22 and above ** €250.00
  • J. brass age 14 and above €150.00
  • M. percussion age 14 and above €150.00
  • N. chamber groups up to age 13
  • O. chamber groups age 14 and above €150.00
  • * The Cristiana Pegoraro Award (€100.00) will be given to the best pianist performing one or more pieces from Cristiana Pegoraro collections: Children’s Songbook Vol I and II (for category A) and Ithaka (for category B and C).
  • ** Special awards could be given

Accommodations and Meals

Narnia Arts Academy arranged special conventions with local restaurants and hotels.

Meals Conventions

Students can take advantage of a special agreement on meal pricing arranged by Narnia Arts Academy with the restaurants

  • La Taverna dell’Aquila Nera
  • Ristorante Il Fondaco
  • Ristorante Mamarama
  • Pub Arcomincio

Lunch/dinner coupons available at a special price of €8, €11 and €16 each can be purchased exclusively at the Narnia Arts Academy office (cash only).

  • Pre Fix Menu (€8 exclusively at La Taverna dell’Aquila Nera and Pub Arcomincio) includes:
    • First course
    • Second course with vegetable
    • Bread
    • Water
  • One Course Meal (€11 exclusively at Fondaco, Mamarama and Pub Arcomincio) includes:
    • Choice of first course or second course with vegetables
    • Coffee
    • Water
  • Two Course Meal (€16 exclusively at Fondaco and Mamarama) includes:
    • Choice of two first courses
    • Choice of two second courses with vegetables
    • Choice of fruit, dessert or coffee
    • Water

Those who do not want to take advantage of this special meal package, can handle the food on their own.

Lodging Conventions

NARNIA ARTS ACADEMY has a special and exclusive agreement with the following lodging facilities.

  • Le Stanze del Giglio – Appartamenti
  • Hotel La Loggia dei Priori
  • Ostello Sant’Anna
  • Residence “Palazzo Barilatti”
  • Torre Palombara – Dimora storica
  • Hotel Terra Umbra

Le stanze del Giglio Apartments, Hotel La Loggia dei Priori, the Palazzo Barilatti Rooms and Apoartments and the Sant’Anna Hostel are very close to the campus venues. Torre Palombara – Luxury Country Relais is located 7 Km (4.3 miles) from the main square in Narni, Hotel Terra Umbra is located 9 Km (5.5 miles) from the main square in Narni.

Upon request, accommodation can be arranged in apartments for rent and B&B outside the historical center of Narni (some B&B have a swimming pool), ideal for families with cars. Please specify this request on the application form.

Those who do not want to take advantage of our special offers, can handle meals and hotel accommodation independently.

In order to book your lodging facility it is necessary to check the related boxes on the
application form. No need to call the hotel. Narnia Arts Academy will pass the bookings to the lodging facilities.

The rooms (and any requests for sharing) will be assigned taking into account the dates of your reservation.

Students are recommended to book as soon as possible to ensure getting accommodations near the location of the courses.

Accommodations must be paid before departure at the Narnia Arts Academy Offices, located in the theater. Credit Cards are not accepted.


Via Gattamelata 74 – Narni
Cel. 329.6018920 – info@domusnarnia.it

  • Spacious and comfortable rooms with four/six/eight beds with private bathroom, inside or outside the room: €29 per person

The price is per night and includes breakfast.
Also included, free of charge: use of the large common room, the library, a large garden, parking area, television, a large panoramic terrace, bed linens and daily cleaning service.
Towels are not included in the price and guests must bring their own.


Piazza Galeotto Marzio – Narni
Cell. (+39) 347 6565487

Right in the medieval center of Narni (just steps away from the area where the courses will be held) is Palazzo Barilatti, a completely renovated period building. All the apartments have private bathrooms, kitchenette, LCD TV, air conditioning and free 24 hour Internet. The large, bright rooms are airy and comfortable, thanks to furnishings which are both functional and cozy. Cleaning service is twice weekly, with a change of bed linens. Breakfast not included.

  • room/apartment price per apartment/per person
  • room with two twin beds ‘basic’, no kitchen €70.00 per night (€35.00 per person)
  • double room ‘deluxe’, no kitchen €78.00 per night (€39.00 per person)
  • Apartment ‘deluxe’ for four people (one double room and two twin beds in the loft), kitchen €144 per night (€36.00 per person)
  • Apartment ‘deluxe’ for three people (one room with two twin beds or queen and a single room), kitchen €138 a notte (€46.00 per person)


Via del Campanile, 4 – Narni
Tel. (+39) 0744.717134 – Cell. (+39) 345 6488160
osteria@fondaconarni.it – www.fondaconarni.it

Located in the medieval center of Narni, “Le Stanze del Giglio” apartments are the result of an elegant renovation of a historic 16th century building. The entrance, off the characteristic via del Campanile, leads into the fascinating spaces which have been designed in the small, inner courtyards of this late medieval building.
The building is also disabled-accessible and is furnished with every means necessary to facilitate overcoming any architectural barriers. In addition, clients have access to all common areas of the hotel: terrace, reading room with a fireplace, large hall for dinners and evening events and for tasting typical Umbrian products, in the best tradition of Umbrian farm holidays.
The apartments (living room – kitchenette – bedroom – bathroom) are provided with heating, individual air conditioner, television, mini-fridge and free wifi. Breakfast included.

  • ROOM 1
    equipped with: 1 double bed in loft + 1 double bed in living room, possibility of adding 1 single bed
    single occupancy: €79
    two occupants: €42 per person
    three occupants: €39 per person
    four occupants: €32 per person
  • ROOM 2
    equipped with: 2 single beds, possibility of adding 1 single bed in living room
    single occupancy: €61
    two occupants: €42 per person
    three occupants: €39 per person
  • ROOM 3
    equipped with: 1 double bed, possibility of adding 1 single bed in living room
    single occupancy: €61
    two occupants: €42 per person
    three occupants: €39 per person
  • ROOM 4
    equipped with: 1 double bed in loft + 1 double bed in living room
    single occupancy: €79
    two occupants: €42 per person
    three occupants: €39 per person
    four occupants: €32 per person
  • ROOM 5
    equipped with: 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms – 1 double bed + 1 single bed in the first room; 2 single beds in the second
    single occupancy: €94
    two occupants: €62 per person
    three occupants: €44 per person
    four occupants: €39 per person
    five occupants: €33 per person
  • ROOM 7
    equipped with: 2 single beds
    single occupancy: €59
    two occupants: €39 per person
  • ROOM 8
    equipped with: 1 full size bed
    single occupancy: €59
    two occupants: €39 per person
  • ROOM 9
    equipped with: 1 double bed in bedroom and 1 single bed in the living room, possibility of adding 1 single bed in the bedroom
    single occupancy: €79
    two occupants: €42 per person
    three occupants: €39 per person
    four occupants: €32 per person
  • ROOM 10
    Equipped with: 1 double bed in bedroom + 1 double bed in living room; possibility of adding 1 single bed in living room.
    single occupancy: €79
    two occupants: €42 per person
    three occupants: €39 per person
    four occupants: €32 per person


Vicolo del Comune, 4 – Narni
Tel. (+39) 0744.726843 – (+39) 0744 726844
info@loggiadeipriori.it – www.loggiadeipriori.it

3 Star Hotel, situated in the main square of Narni’s old town centre, made out of a 15th century building renovated by means of an excellent blending of old and modern decoration. The Hotel has 17 rooms and 2 suites, all equipped with facilities such as color TV, FM radio, bar fridge and with every comfort offered by the 3 star category. Free Internet point. Buffet breakfast included.

  • room typeprice per person
  • Single €61
  • Double €44
  • Triple €38
  • Quadruple €31

TORRE PALOMBARA Dimora storica XV-XVI sec.

Strada della Cantinetta, 3 05035 Narni (Tr)
Tel +39 0744744617 – Fax +39 0744090173
info@torrepalombara.com – www.torrepalombara.com

Torre Palombara is an exclusive and elegant Resort, overlooking the rolling green Umbrian countryside and the medieval town of Narni. Built around an original “DoveTower” dating back to the 15th Century, the historic residence has been converted into a beautiful and romantic family owned boutique hotel, after a loving and caring restoration, which has brought back to light its original elements and characteristic features.
Here you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of seven uniquely appointed suites, enriched by antique, precious furniture and refined details, surrounded by beautiful landscapes of vineyards and sunflowers fields.
Sitting by our beautiful landscaped swimming pool with its breathtaking view, you will be able to recover peace and serenity in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere of complete privacy and discretion.
Umbria is also a land of exquisite flavors, genuine food and unique dishes, which can be relished in our generous and rich breakfast as well as in exclusive evenings with typical Umbrian cousine that can be organised on request. At Torre Palombara you can find the true meaning of hospitality!

  • Room
  • 2 Romantic Rooms (single or double occupancy)
  • 4 Superior Rooms (double occupancy, possibility of adding one single bed)
  • 1 Suite (accommodates two to four people on two floors, two bathrooms)

For a quotation on special packages exclusively for Narnia Arts Academy, please contact the hotel directly mentioning “Narnia Festival”.
Distance from Narni main square: 7 km (4.3 miles).


S.P. Maratta Bassa, 61 – Narni
Tel. (+39) 0744 750304 – Fax (+39) 0744 751014
info@terraumbra.it – www.terraumbra.it

Situated on the outskirts of the mediaeval Umbrian town of Narni and set amongst 15 acres of parkland and surrounded by wooded hills, close to the imposing Rocca Albornoz Castle, this historical complex enjoys spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.
The entrance opens on a facade decorated with Moorish-style ornaments, where the lobby with the reception desk and the bar welcome the guests. A massive wooden staircase leads to the first floor housing the hotel rooms. Each one of the rooms differs from the others in its colors, antique furnishings and fine upholsteries. Air-conditioning, plasma screens TV, mini-bar and safe are available in all rooms. Breakfast is included and is served in the “Preziosa” room that opens to the enchanting Cloister with its ancient dwell and the flower-filled alley leading to the terraces and gardens. The garden with its alleys as well as the whole park are at the complete disposal of those who like walking in the nature in absolute peace and quiet.

    • room typeprice per person
    • Single €82
    • Single with full size bed €88
    • Double standard €53
    • Double economy €49
    • Triple €43
    • Triple Suite €50
    • Quadruple €37
    • Quadruple Suite €42

    Tourist tax €2.50 per night
    Distance from Narni main square: 9 km.


International Jury members will be comprised of musicians and professors of various musical conservatories, universities and orchestras.

The following judges have given their availability:


    Cristiana Pegoraro Italy

    • Pianist, Composer, Artistic Director Narnia Festival
      President Narnia Arts Academy

    Cristiana Pegoraro

    Acclaimed as one of the most gifted musicians of her generation, Italian-born pianist Cristiana Pegoraro has consistently entertained and enlightened audiences with her inspired performances and original programming. Her skills display great technical and interpretative abilities. She began her career in music as a piano prodigy receiving countless national and international awards, including the 1989 Prague Best of the Year for Classical Music Award “for her great personality, strong musical temperament, mastery of phrasing and expressive artistry.” The New York Times called her “an artist of the highest caliber” following her stunning 1996 debut at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall.

    Ms. Pegoraro has performed in some of the major venues in Europe, United States, South America, Asia and Australia, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, the Guggenheim Museum (New York); the Sydney Opera House; Festspielhaus (Salzburg); Musikverein (Vienna); Royal College of Music (London); Auditorium Parco della Musica, Casa del Jazz (Rome); Amici del Loggione del Teatro alla Scala, Serate Musicali (Milan); Centro Cultural de Belem (Lisbon); Theatro Municipal (São Paulo); Theatro Municipal (Rio de Janeiro), the Opera House (Manaus), Budapest Spring Festival, Umbria Jazz Winter, Sorrento Jazz Festival, S. Petersburg Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Klavierfestival Ruhr (Germany), Shabyt Festival Astana (Kazakhstan), 2005 Aichi World Expo (Japan) and 2008 Saragoza World Expo (Spain), among others.

    In December 2006 and November 2007 she toured the Gulf Countries, becoming the first Italian female pianist to perform classical concerts in Bahrain, Yemen and Oman. Presently, Cristiana Pegoraro is also the first Italian female pianist to perform all 32 Sonatas for piano by Ludwig van Beethoven.

    Hailed by the critics as “among the best interpreters of Cuban and South American music”, Ms. Pegoraro has premiered to European audiences the works of Latin-American composers such as Astor Piazzolla, Joaquin Nin and Ernesto Lecuona. She also made her own piano transcriptions of some of their greatest works, including the most famous tangos of Astor Piazzolla, and composed a Fantasy on Cuban dances by Ernesto Lecuona.

    Her piano artistry can be heard on 27 compact discs released by Decision Products, Dynamic, Nuova Era, Diva, Eden Editori and Da Vinci Classics. Gramophone Magazine heralded her second recording of Ernesto Lecuona’s piano music on Dynamic Records with glowing praise – “Cristiana Pegoraro plays not only with brilliance, but with a most engaging finesse.” Peter Burwasser of Fanfare Magazine has described her as “a multi-faceted artist who eagerly searches for passion and musical inspiration in her life and her performances.”
    Her CD “Astor Piazzolla Tangos”, released in 2016, received the Gold Medal at the prestigious Global Music Awards in two categories: Album and Instrumental. Her latest release, “Gioacchino Rossini Overtures – Piano Transcriptions” featuring some of his most popular overtures transcribed for piano by Pegoraro herself, premiered worldwide in November 2017.

    She has been a featured artist on radio and television, on WQXR New York (USA), RAI, Mediaset, Radio Vaticana, Discoteca di Stato (Italy), BBC (Scotland), ARD (Germany), RTP (Portugal), Nine Network (Australia) and CBC (Japan). She has been a guest on the Italian TV shows: “Porta a Porta” with Bruno Vespa (RAI 1), “Sottovoce” with Gigi Marzullo (RAI 1), and “Vivere Meglio” with Fabrizio Trecca (Rete 4).

    Over the years Cristiana has appeared in front of the highest world dignitaries. In November 2003, she performed for the President of Italy, Mr. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Later that same month, on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, she appeared in her 8th sold out concert at Lincoln Center in the presence of the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. In 2006, at the United Nations Headquarters, she performed for Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg. In 2008, she was the only European representative at the Spring Festival at the United Nations in New York, and performed in the hall of the General Assembly in front of ambassadors and dignitaries from 192 countries. In 2009, she played in Moscow in the presence of the Italian Minister of Economic Development. In 2010, in Rome, she performed for the President of the Austrian Senate.

    In collaboration with Italian Embassies and Cultural Institutes, she is regularly invited by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to represent Italy and promote Italian music in the world.

    She supports various international organizations such as UNICEF, Amnesty International, World Food Programme and Emergency in their humanitarian efforts. In 2005 at her 10th sold out concert at Lincoln Center, she received the World Peace Award from the Circolo Culturale Italiano of the United Nations “for her effort in advancing peace in the world”. In 2007, in Naples, Italy, along with other important artists including Maestro Claudio Abbado, she received the Sebetia Ter President of Italy Award “for her activity as a performer and composer”. That same year, at her concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, she was honored with the title of Ambassador of the Right to Music, a program under the tutelage of the Commission of Culture of Rome and the Commission for Youth Policies whose goal is to promote musical culture in all its aspects. In 2010, she was anointed as 2010 ILICA Woman of the Year by the Italian Language Intercultural Alliance in New York. In 2011, she was honored with the Rotary Umbria Prize “for her professionalism, social commitment and her constant promotion of Umbria throughout the world”. She also received the Messenger of the Territory Award from the Chamber of Commerce of Terni, and the Melvin Jones Fellow Award “for dedicated humanitarian services” from the Lions Clubs International Foundation. In 2013, she received from the hands of the Mayor of Rome the prestigious Premio Simpatia, awarded to performing artists, authors, ambassadors and sports figures who exemplify a commitment to Italy, and conceived in recognition “of individuals who enrich and exalt the essential values of life through their work”. Past recipients include directors Federico Fellini and Franco Zeffirelli, actress Sophia Loren and Mother Theresa. In 2016, Ms. Pegoraro received an inaugural “Premio Umbria in Rosa” award given to women “operating in the fields of knowledge and who are models for exemplary professional skills and positivity” by her home Italian region of Umbria, and the “Donne ad alta quota” Award with the suport of Regione Umbria and Fondazione Marisa Bellisario, dedicated to “women-testimonial that with their commitment promote the image of Umbria and Italy”.

    Most recently, Cristiana has taken up the challenge of composition, releasing five highly acclaimed albums “A Musical Journey”, “Ithaka”, “La mia Umbria”, “Volo di note” and “Piano di volo”. Her compositions have been used for films and documentaries. She composed the soundtrack to the video “For Whom The Sirens Toll” produced by the United Nations Office of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict and presented at the United Nations on September 11th, 2004, in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack. She also composed the soundtrack of the short movie “La casa dell’orologio” by Italian director Gianni Torres. She is the author of a book of poems called “Ithaka” and a series of children’s books based on Italian operas.

    Cristiana regularly presents master classes at The Juilliard School in New York and across the U.S., Canada, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.

    She is a testimonial of Umbria’s tourism campaign throughout the world. Since 2011, she is the Artistic Director of Narnia Arts Academy (www.narniaartsacademy.com) and Narnia Festival (www.narniafestival.com). The Academy and Festival received the President of Italy gold medal.

    Ms. Pegoraro graduated with highest honors from the Conservatory of Terni, Italy, at the age of sixteen. She continued her studies with Jörg Demus in Vienna and Hans Leygraf at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. She later studied with Nina Svetlanova at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

    More information on cristianapegoraro.com



    Lorenzo Porzio Italy

    • Conductor, Composer, Pianist, Music Director Narnia Festival
    • Direttore stabile Orchestra Filarmonica Città di Roma

    Lorenzo Porzio

    At the age of seven he began studying the piano and at eleven he began studying the organ under the organist and composer Lorenzo Ronci. He concluded his studies at Santa Cecilia with Maestro Federico del Sorto. Since 1996 he has been the principal organist at the Basilica del Sacro Cuore Immacolato di Maria ai Parioli (Rome).

    From 1997 – 2011 he continued to perfect his piano studies under Biagio Andriulli, Andrea Sammartino, Giovanni Scaramuzza and Gino Nappo at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. He has performed as soloist and has accompanied polyphonic choirs in some of the most prestigious cathedrals and venues in Italy. He has worked with many important singers from the Santa Cecilia Academy and Teatro dell’Opera, the Coro Accademico Romano and the Coro Polifonico S. Martino, among others. In 2003 he held concerts in the Vatican (Sala Raffaello), in the Chiesa del Governatorato and in the Vatican Gardens for the re-opening of the Casina di Pio IV.

    He studied composition with Marco Persichetti, graduating with the highest grades from the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome under Francesco Telli.

    He began his career as Orchestra Conductor studying with Francesco Carotenuto and Marco Boemi, and participating in Piero Bellugi’s Masterclasses. Since 2004 he has written and performed music on the piano and organ for shows, documentaries and short TV movies on RAI 1, RAI 3, RAI International, Sky Sport, Roma Uno, and others. In November 2005, Radio Uno Rai broadcasted his “Rapsodia Orientale (Pensando a Pechino)” composed and played by him. In May 2006 he debuted as composer at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome (Sala Petrassi) during an event hosted by Pippo Baudo “Com’è Straordinaria la Vita”, and held a chamber music concert in the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano for the 400th anniversary of the opening of the Vatican Museums. During the Christmas festivities in 2006, he played the organ during the Mass in St. Peter’s Cathedral. In September 2009 and in December 2011, he was again organist at St. Peter’s for the celebration of Masses by Cardinal Comastri.

    From 2009 to 2010 he was First Assistant Conductor of the elite orchestra of the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome. In 2010 he debuted as Conductor of the Orchestra Tiberina, conducting the orchestra again in 2011 for a concert at the Cathedral of the Santissimi Apostoli (Rome). Since 2010 he has been collaborating with the Accademia Santa Cecilia as pianist and conductor. Since 2011 he has been Principal Conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra “L’Armonica Temperanza”, with which he tours on a regular basis. With “L’Armonica Temperanza” he was invited to perform in the most prestigious halls and churches of Rome (Sala della Protomoteca del Campidoglio, Sala del Coro della Cappella Sistina, Biblioteca del Senato, Biblioteca Nazionale, Basilica di Santa Francesca Romana, San Quirico e Giulitta ai Fori Imperiali, San Bartolomeo all’Isola Tiberina, S.Lucia al Gonfalone, Chiesa degli Spagnoli ai Banchi Vecchi, San Clemente, Sant’Eugenio alle Belle Arti, San Paolo entro le mura). In 2012 he founded the Orchestra and Choir of Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome.

    In 2013, within the Narnia Festival, he conducts at the prestigious Orvieto Cathedral and San Domenico Auditorium in Narni, Italy. Both concerts were recorded by RAI 1 and presented by famous actress Barbara De Rossi.

    In January 2014 he debuts with Orchestra Filarmonica di Roma at the Auditorium Seraphicum in Rome and Teatro Magnani in Fidenza (Parma) with two sold out concerts.

    On the basis of his merits, the President of the Republic of Italy, C.A.Ciampi, awarded him the title of “Cavaliere della Repubblica”.

    More information on lorenzoporzio.it



    Joseph Gold United States

    • University of Southern California

    Joseph Gold

    When San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Herb Caen described Joseph Gold as a “giant on earth,” he was referring to that ‘something extra’ which he carries into every violin performance. Little wonder, then, that critics so often choose terms such as ‘fearless virtuosity,’ ‘dynamic personality,’ and ‘colossal’ and then go on to discuss the ‘marvelously rich tone’ which ‘brings the audience to heights of enjoyment.’

    Joseph Gold grew up in Southern California, the son of Russian emigre parents. He began his violin studies at the age of eight. A graduate of the University of Southern California, he had the privilege of being coached by the great Jascha Heifetz.

    All-Around Musician & Proponent of the Romantic Revival
    Mr. Gold, who makes his home in San Francisco, is an enthusiastic proponent of the “romantic revival” of Nineteenth Century violin music. He is an ardent author and lecturer on his two favorite virtuoso composer-performers, Paganini and Sarasate. Mr. Gold’s numerous publications include his book, Paganini’s Art of Violin Playing, as well as many transcriptions and original compositions. Mr. Gold’s in-depth research into the life and work of Pablo de Sarasate has lead to the discovery of unpublished manuscripts.

    Although steeped in the tradition of the Romantic style, Joseph Gold’s programs are not restricted to the Nineteenth Century. He is an all-around musician who has premiered and championed many Twentieth Century compositions while maintaining a Baroque repertoire as large as many Baroque specialists.
    Joseph Gold’s warm personality and perfectly timed humor make him a popular guest artist on University campuses. He is eminently qualified as an “Artist in Residence” and holds a Master’s Degree as well as three teaching credentials.

    More information on http://www.josephgold.com



    Khullip Jeung United States

    • The Juilliard School, Mannes College of Music

    Khullip Jeung

    Violinist, Khullip Jeung has performed and taught throughout the US, Europe, and Asia as soloist, chamber musician, and sought after violin pedagogist. Mr. Jeung started playing the violin at the age of 5 in South Korea and soon after immigrated to Hawaii. He had his solo debut with the Honolulu Symphony at the age of 9, playing the Khachaturian Concerto and soon after the Lalo Symphonie Espagnole to great acclaim. At the age of 15, Mr. Jeung moved to New York, after being accepted to the Juilliard Pre-College to study with Dorothy DeLay on scholarship. He received the Bachelor and Master of Music degrees at Juilliard studying with Sally Thomas with the C.V. Starr Scholarship, Teplitsky Memorial Scholarship, and the Irene Diamond Graduate Fellowship to name a few. Mr. Jeung has been awarded the Grand Prize in the Korea Times Music Competition (LA), American String Teachers Association Competition (HI), and the youngest recipient of the Morning Music Scholarship to name a few. Television and radio broadcasts include, The Saturday Morning Show, Saturday AM, Superkids, MBC Arts Theater and much more. He was also featured in the String and Bow music magazine of the October 2006 publication. His two, live-recorded, unedited inspirational CDs have had enormous popularity both here in the US and abroad and is currently working on the third album. Most recently, he also recorded the only instrumental numbers for the new upcoming Broadway, “Gatsby”. Mr. Jeung has also been invited to judge many competitions such as the New York International Music Competition and National Young Musicians Showcase Competition. He is also the founder and chairperson of the International Virtuoso Competition. Mr. Jeung is on the faculty of The Juilliard School Pre-College, Mannes Pre-College, and JCC Thurnauer School of Music. Since 2005, he has also been the music director of the highly acclaimed Good Neighbor Ensemble based in New Jersey. During the summers, he has taught at the Maui Summer Music Festival and the Waterville Valley Chamber Music Festival. Mr. Jeung is also the founder and director of the 4Strings Music Festival in New York.



    Carlo Maria Parazzoli Italy

    • Concertmaster / Spalla - Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

    Carlo Maria Parazzoli

    Carlo Maria Parazzoli è Primo violino solista dell’Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

    Dal 1990 al 1996 è stato Primo violino del Quartetto “Guido Chigi”, gruppo ufficiale dell’Accademia Chigiana di Siena. Ha suonato come solista con alcune orchestre italiane quali: Angelicum e Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano, Sinfonica di Sanremo, Orchestra da Camera di Mantova, Orchestra del Festival Internazionale di Brescia e Bergamo.

    Ha collaborato come violino di spalla con le orchestre dei Pomeriggi Musicali e l’Orchestra della Rai di Milano, Haydn di Bolzano, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Teatro Comunale di Firenze, Teatro alla Scala e Filarmonica della Scala.

    Nel 2006 ha eseguito il Doppio Concerto di Brahms con l’Orchestra dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia diretta da Kent Nagano; nel 2012 ha preso parte all’esecuzione del Quintetto “La trota” di Schubert, ai Concerti per pianoforte di Bach con Alexandre Tharaud alla tastiera e al Quintetto op. 44 di Schumann con Martha Argerich al pianoforte.



    Paolo Piomboni Italy

    • Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

    Paolo Piomboni

    Dopo essersi diplomato brillantemente presso il Conservatorio “L. Cherubini” di Firenze sotto la guida del M° Cristiano Rossi, ha vinto il concorso internazionale bandito dall’ Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, della cui orchestra sinfonica

    fa parte in qualità di primo violino di fila dal 1990.

    Artista dai molteplici interessi, si dedica alla filologia barocca: ha fondato con Paolo Pollastri (primo oboe solista dell’orchestra dell’Accademia) L’ Accademia Barocca di Santa Cecilia, orchestra da camera che suona su strumenti originali, con la quale, in qualità di primo violino solista, ruolo che ricopre sin dalla fondazione

    dell’ensemble, ha eseguito le Quattro Stagioni di A. Vivaldi in occasione del Trentennale della fondazione della Banca d’Italia, concerto del quale è stato prodotto CD e DVD. Con L’Accademia Barocca si è anche esibito in diretta televisiva Rai nel Concerto di Natale 2007 dal Senato della Repubblica Italiana, ed ha effettuato attività in Italia e all’estero (significativa la tournée con concerti a Montréal e a Ottawa per il Senato Canadese).

    Si interessa anche di teatro, essendo stato protagonista di vari spettacoli nei quali passa dall’ esecuzione al violino alla recitazione: “Una città chiamata orchestra”, “Dissonanze”, “Camera per quattro”, su testi di Daniele Ciccolini, sono stati rappresentati all’Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, al MART di Rovereto e al Teatro Comunale di Piacenza.

    Si dedica con passione all’insegnamento, con particolare attenzione ai più giovani (molti suoi allievi sono stati premiati in concorsi nazionali e internazionali), e cura la preparazione tecnica degli archi della Juniorchestra dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia sin dalla sua fondazione. Con la Juniorchestra ha curato inoltre in veste di solista e concertatore le Quattro Stagioni, eseguite per i bambini in quattro Ospedali Pediatrici italiani (Meyer di Firenze, Bambino Gesù di Roma, Sant’Orsola di Bologna, Pausilipon di Napoli) in collaborazione con Telecom, sul cui sito è tuttora possibile visionare gli spettacoli.

    Suona un violino M. Capicchioni del 1954 e un violino originale A. Jais del 1793.



    Aldo Campagnari Italy

    • Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, Lugano
      Conservatorio S. Giacomantonio, Cosenza

    Aldo Campagnari

    Aldo Campagnari is second violin and founder member of the Prometeo Quartet.  He is active in various chamber ensembles and is a member of the Alter Ego ensemble (Rome). He teaches quartet at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana in Lugano and has been professor of violin at Conservatorio in Bari and Pavia.

    More information on http://quartettoprometeo.com/



    Luca Sanzò Italy

    • Conservatorio Santa Cecilia

    Luca Sanzò

    A pupil of Bruno Giuranna, Luca Sanzò has performed as soloist and in collaboration with renowned musicians in many of the major concert halls of the world. He is a permanent member of the group FREON, specialized in music of the nineteenth-century, and a founding member of the Quartetto Michelangelo with whom he has toured Europe and North and South America. He has been first viola/soloist with various opera, symphonic and chamber orchestras, such as the Rome and Cagliari Opera Theatres and the Concerto Italiano, with whom he has undertaken an in-depth study of the philological performance of Baroque music on original instruments, together with some of the finest instrumentalists in the field. For Ricordi he has published a revision of Campagnoli’s 41 Caprices for Viola Sola and is Professor of Viola at the Conservatorium “Santa Cecilia” in Rome. An appreciated performer of contemporary music, he is also particularly attentive to its’ production and diffusion. Many Italian composers have chosen him as their point of reference and dedicated their compositions to him. Amongst his recordings can be found Goffredo Petrassi’s “VIOLASOLA”. In 2004 he made his debut at Stuttgart’s Staatsoper Forum Neues Musiktheater as soloist in the opera “Last Desire” by Lucia Ronchetti. He participated in various electroacoustic music festival such as Synthèse of Bourges (France) in 2006, EMUFEST (Rome 2008) and MUSICACOUSTICA FESTIVAL (Pechino 2009). He recorded for Nuova Era, BMG Ricordi, Opus 111, Tactus, Edi Pan, Stradivarious, Naïve, Chandos and Naxos. He plays a 1956 Igino Sderci’s viola and a 1977 Pietro Gaggini’s viola previously owned by Luciano Vicari.

    More information on lucasanzo.com



    Calogero Giallanza Italy

    • Accademia Romana di Musica

    Calogero Giallanza

    Calogero Giallanza was born in Naso (Messina – Italy).

    He is a graduate of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy. Mr. Giallanza is very active as a performing flautist and composer in Italy and abroad, his repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary music both as solist and in chamber ensembles (Todi Festival 95, Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in Noto 99/2000, Teatro & TD Zagabria [Croazia] 99/2001, Palermo di Scena Festival 97/ 2000, Italian Embassy in Abu-Dhabi [United Arab Emirates] 2001, “Lisinski”Auditorium, Zagabria[Croazia] 2003, Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles [U.S.A.] 2003, Arizona State University, Scottsdale Phoenix [U.S.A.] 2003, Ortigia Festival 2003, Italian State Recording Archives 2006, Opere Festival 2006/07, Melbourne Italian Festival 2007[Australia], IV Rioharp Festival 2009/2010 Rio de Janeiro [ Brazil ], 46° Festival Nuova Consonanza ’09, Auditorium M.A.S.P. Sao Paulo 2010 [Brazil], “Genus Musicae” Myth Circuit 2011, Italian Cultural Institute Malta 2012, Taormina Arte 2013 ( Ancient Theater), N.D.U. University Louaize Beirut 2015 (Lebanon), El Mouggar Concert Hall Algeri and Festival Costantine 2015 ( Algeria).

    His cd recording credits include: Mediterranea (1999) produced and distributed by Ed.Mus. Cantoberon with guitarist and composer Luca Mereu with whom he founded the Duo Nesos, Thalassa (2001) in which he is both solo flautist and composer. Highly appreciated by Ennio Morricone, the cd was produced by “ Ostinati Music Workshop” and sponsored by private and public institutions. “Due fauni, arco e pizzicato ( 2005) with the Ensemble Colosseum in which he plays as first solo flautist. In 2007, he recorded the CD “Al muhda ilayy” (pieces for solo flute and flute and harp by various composers dedicated to Calogero Giallanza), produced by “Ostinati Music Workshop” with the contribution of IMAIE. In 2011, he recorded his CD “Shulùq”-Sounds and Rhythms from the Mediterranean (pieces for flute, harp and drums ), produced by ENPALS under the patronage of National and International Universities, Embassies and Organizations. He recorded original compositions of A. Murzi for an Aurelio Grimaldi video for “ Lisbon Expo 1998”. He has recorded for Domani Musica label as well.

    He has made recordings for RAI 2 Television, Vatican Radio, Libanese Television and Algerian Television. His performances are regularly aired on Radio – RAI Filodiffusione, and Rai International. In his capacity as a performer and a composer, he has appeared as guest on the prestigious radio programme “Notturno Italiano”  produced by Radio Rai Italia. He is the Artistic Director of the ‘Ostinati’ Music Workshop which carries out research and experiments on the relationship between music and word. In 2009 the show “Nzula”, by Francesco Randazzo, with original compositions, performed live, by M.° Giallanza won the First Prize as best show of the 2nd National Festival “Schegge d’Autore” from the National Union of Dramatic Authors and the Audience Award for the show of Magna Graecia Institution- Battipaglia Prize.

    In 2004, he played the main character in the documentary film “Favola del Vento e del Mare” directed by Pierpaolo Gandini, for which he also composed and perfomed the soundtrack. This documentary, which was produced by SD cinematografica for Italian and International Television, has been aired on RAI 3 Italian TV in the programme “ Geo & amp; Geo” and on Swiss Television – RTSI.

    In 2009, he won First Prize of the 3rd edition of the IMAIE competition, contemporary classical music section, with the CD “Al muhda ilayy”. In 2010 he was aawarded the VI edition of the “Antonello da Messina”National Prize .

    In 2012 he was presented a Medal by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano for his work as Artistic Director of the Nebroideo Organ Festival “Annibale Lo Bianco”

    On December 27th 2013 he was appointed Knight of the Italian Republic for Merit, again by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, after a nomination from the Prime Minister.

    More information on http://www.calogerogiallanza.net/



    Marco Bonfigli Italy


    Marco Bonfigli

    Marco Bonfigli was born in Latina (Italy) and graduated in 1996 at the Institute “A. Manzoni” of Latina and then in 1998 at the Conservatory “O. Respighi” (Latina) where he received his master’s degree under the guidance of clarinettist Francesco Belli. In

    2002 he was called to play in the “Valley Symphony Orchestra” (Colombia), where he performed with international musicians. In the same year he won the concertmaster competition of the “Symphonic Band Cali”.

    In March 2003 he travelled to New York where he played with different chamber groups and took classes with Kalmen Opperman.

    From August 2003 until June 2008 he was professor of clarinet at the “EAFIT University” in Medellin (Colombia). He currently teaches clarinet and chamber music at the Conservatory “Antonio Maria Valencia” of Cali, Colombia. Maestro Bonfigli’s concert activity consists of performances as a soloist as well as a member of chamber groups, including the Trio Harmonia Mundi (clarinet, cello and piano), of which he is the artistic director and promoter and which has an intense musical activity around the different cultural scenes in Colombia.




    Alexia DelGiudice Bigari United States

    • The Juilliard School

    Alexia DelGiudice Bigari

    Born in Rome, Italy, Alexia DelGiudice Bigari began playing viola at the age of 9. She recently received her bachelor of Music from the Juilliard School as a viola student of Misha Amory and Heidi Castleman. In the fall of 2016, Alexia will be attending Northwestern University for her Masters Degree in viola performance under the tutelage of renowned violist, Helen Callus.

    Alexia attended the Orford Music Festival in Canada in 2015 / 2016 under the tutelage of Yutta Putthammer. She also attended the Meadowmount School of Music, which she received a full merit scholarship.

    In 2012, Alexia had the honor of being featured on a live broadcast of National Public Radio’s “From the Top,” where she played Bloch’s Suite Hebraic with pianist Christopher O’Riley, and she was given the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. She has also received the 2011 Virtu Foundation Award, where she was granted an 1890 Vuillaume Viola from Paris, which she is proud to be playing.

    Alexia’s awards include Mary Foulger Scholar, the New York Viola Society award, 1st place in the Young Promise Awards International Competition; a semi-finalist in the American String Teachers Association competition, a finalist in the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston competition, and a finalist in the New England String Ensemble competition. Alexia has also been a finalist in the Rhode Island Philharmonic competition.

    Her past teachers include, Patricia McCarty; David Rubinstein; Mai Motobuchi, violist of the Borromeo String Quartet; and Katherine Almquist. Alexia resides in New York City.



    Gianluca Persichetti Italy

    • Conservatorio U. Giordano - Foggia; Accademia Romana di Musica

    Gianluca Persichetti

    Gianluca Persichetti ha intrapreso giovanissimo lo studio della chitarra diplomandosi brillantemente presso il Conservatorio di S. Cecilia di Roma sotto la guida del M° C. Carfagna. Nello stesso anno consegue il diploma del corso di Strumenti a Percussioni sotto la guida del M° Leonida Torrebruno.

    Segue successivamente un corso di perfezionamento con il M° Mario Gangi.
    Svolge da subito una intensa attività concertistica esibendosi come solista ed in varie formazioni cameristiche per importanti rassegne musicali e manifestazioni teatrali. In Italia: “Festival di Benevento”; città S. Angelo nella “VI Estate Angolana; ”Associazione musicale Molisana” a Campobasso; a Roma nella “Rassegna Cameristica” presso la Chiesa Valdese e per l’ “Agimus” alla Sala Baldini; suona nel “Festival nazionale” di Ancona – Pescina”; al “Teatro Mancinelli” di Orvieto; al “Teatro Greco” di Siracusa; al “Teatro Goldoni” di Venezia; al “Teatro L. Pirandello” di Agrigento; all’ “Istituto degli Innocenti” di Firenze…
    Fra le partecipazioni all’estero il “Centr d’Art Vivant du Belvedere” a Tunisi; il “Centre cultural de Gavà” a Barcellona; in Cecoslovacchia..

    Insieme ai chitarristi Massimo Aureli e Massimo delle Cese forma il “Trio Chitarristico S. Cecilia”, con il quale si esibisce in tutto il mondo riscuotendo ovunque vivi consensi di pubblico e di critica in Italia ed all’estero.
    Il trio si esibisce a Roma nell’ambito della rassegna “Le serenate in chiostro”, all’ “Auditorium discoteca di stato”, all’ “Auditorium Pontificio musica sacra”, al “Teatro Ghione” ed alla “Sala Baldini”; a Tivoli nella “Sala Spallanzani”; suonano al “Festival barocco” di Viterbo; a Frascati al “Festival delle ville Tuscolane”; nella “Filarmonica Laudamo” di Messina; nell’ “Associazione musicale etnea” di Catania; al “IV festival internazionale della chitarra” di Siracusa; a Spoleto al “Teatro Caio Melisso”; a Firenze all’ “Istituto francese” e nell’ “Associazione amici della musica” di Milazzo e S. Severo.
    All’estero il trio si esibisce ad Instambul al “Gran teatro” , al “Konser Salonu ed al “Centro de exposiciones y congresos” di Zaragosas”; a Singapore nel “Lute Guitar Virtuosos of Italy DBS Auditorium” – (Shenton Way); nell’ “Italian Embassy” di Malaysia; a Liverpool nell’ “Eurovwirral International Guitar Festival of Great Britain”; nella “Societat Guitarristica de Catalunya” di Valencia; all’ “Istituto italiano” di Madrid, di Salonicco, Stoccolma, Atene e Algeri ed all’ “Ambasciata di Praga” )

    Con il trio pubblica il CD “Mutation”, ricevendo entusiastiche recensioni sulle più importanti riviste internazionali di settore (Soundboard – USA , Classical Guitar -UK , Les cahiers de la guitarre – Francia, Il Fronimo, Guitar, Chitarre, Musicalia – Italia).

    Fortemente attratto dalla musica etnica e profondo conoscitore di musica brasiliana, fin da giovanissimo si dedica a questo genere diventandone uno dei maggiori esecutori italiani e collaborando con alcuni dei più rappresentativi musicisti brasiliani in Italia.
    Costituisce insieme al percussionista Stefano Rossini, il trio “Itinerario Brasile”. Insieme realizzano i CD “Esperanto” (1998) ed “ Itinerario Brasile” (2005,) che sono una libera e personale interpretazione della musica sudamericana, e specificamente di quella brasiliana.
    Numerose le partecipazioni in Italia ed all’estero del trio: a Roma nell’ambito della Rassegna “JAZZ&IMAGE” a Villa Celimontana (1999; 2000, 2001, 2003, 2009); all’Alexander Platz – live Jazz club (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009), nella Manifestazione “Enzimi 2000”, al Museo degli strumenti musicali nell’ambito della rassegna “Accademia in concerto” (2006, 2007), in “Roma Hot Summit” presso il Cineporto (2006), ed al “Christmas Village”, con il Patrocinio della Regione Lazio e del Comune di Roma e dell’Assessorato alla Cultura, Manifestazione per il Natale, (2003); a Orvieto suonano in “Lotta contro l’A.I.D.S.” al Teatro Mancinelli, al San Francesco Jazz Club nell’ambito della “Rassegna Jazz” (2004); a Rimini in “Concerti in Fiera (1999) ”; a Teramo il trio partecipa alla rassegna musicale “l’ Estate abruzzese” (2002); Città di Genzano al ” II° Festival Internazionale della Chitarra” (2005); alla “Rassegna Jazz al Bizzeffe” di Firenze (2004); ad Instambul al “Festival Ekim” al Reichenberg Guitar Masters Festival 2012.

    Il trio ha ospitato nei suoi concerti illustri nomi del repertorio musicale brasiliano ed italiano (Irio de Paula, Sergio Galvao, Guinga, Rosalia de Souza, Toninho Horta, Alfredo Paixao, Roberto
    Bottermaio ed i jazzisti italiani Henry Cook, Maurizio Giammarco, Fabio Zeppetella, Giovanna Marinuzzi, Eddy Palermo, Nicola Stilo, Stefania Casini, Francesco Puglisi, Paolo Innarella .. )

    Con il chitarrista Massimo Aureli costituisce il duo “Corde Brasiliane” che conduce il pubblico, attraverso l’uso di tutti gli strumenti a corda tipici della cultura popolare brasiliana, alla scoperta dei molteplici e meravigliosi ambiti, anche i più sconosciuti, di questa vastissima espressione musicale ed artistica.
    Hanno suonato in duo tra l’altro all’Ambasciata Brasiliana di Roma il 17 Dicembre 2015, nell’ambito della presentazione delle olimpiadi di Rio.

    Intensa anche la sua partecipazione televisiva e radiofonica; lavora costantemente come turnista, ha registrato per Morricone, Piovani, Bacalov, Mazzocchetti, Guerra, Di Pofi e come esecutore ed arrangiatore ha prestato la propria collaborazione musicale a varie attività teatrali:
    Suona in “Indugio compiuto” al Teatro Duni di Matera, in “Il Mandarino meraviglioso” a Benevento, in “Rosa Futura” al teatro Pirandello di Agrigento, in “Del mondo in mezzo ai turbini” al teatro Goldoni di Venezia, in “Italy in Houston” a Houston, nel “Il classico di una vita un libro letto e mai dimenticato” alla Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Lucina a Roma (2006), dove ha eseguito un commento musicale al Cantico dei Cantici letto dal Mons. Gianfranco Ravasi ed alle Poesie d’amore di Nazim Hikmet lette da Ozpetek.

    Nel 2007 inizia la sua collaborazione con Lina Sastri ed è chitarrista solista nello spettacolo “Corpo Celeste” di e con Lina Sastri, al teatro Quirino di Roma ed al teatro La Pergola di Firenze.

    Nel 2010, costituisce insieme a Stefano Rossini e Carlo Biancalana, la “Choro Orchestra”, che è un orchestra di circa 20 elementi che si dedica interamente allo Choro Brasiliano. Ha realizzato con questa orchestra, di cui è direttore ed arrangiatore il CD “Choro Orchestra”, la grande musica popolare brasiliana.
    Con l’Orchestra ha partecipato a numerosi Festival e manifestazioni musicali tra cui Alexanderplatz Jazz Club – 23 Gennaio 2015 – Roma, XVIII edizione della rassegna di “Musica nelle corti di Capitanata” – 16 Luglio 2014 – Foggia, Festival Internazionale di Chitarra – 8 Settembre 2013 – Manfredonia, Festival “MaraRio” – 22 Agosto 2013 – Maratea, Festival “Villa Celimontana jazz” 19 Luglio 2013 – Roma, XVII edizione della rassegna di “Musica nelle corti di Capitanata” 12 Luglio 2013 – Monte S.Angelo, Festival di Peschici – 11 Luglio 2013 – Peschici, Festa Patronale – 19 Settembre 2012 – San Marco in Lamis, Festival “Stornara in Movimento” – 19 Agosto 2012 – Stornara, XVI edizione della rassegna di “Musica nelle corti di Capitanata” – 6 Luglio 2012 – Foggia, Concerti della stagione estiva – 5 Luglio 2012 – Torre Maggiore, Amici della Musica – 30 Giugno 2012 – S.Giovanni Rotondo, “Amendola – circolo ufficiali” – 07 Giugno 2012 Foggia, 5° Stagione concertistica “Ostuni in musica” – 30 Aprile 2012 – Ostuni, 2° Festival Chitarristico Citta’ di Celano – 31 Marzo 2012 – Celano, Teatro comunale “Luigi Rossi” – 11 Gennaio 2012 – Torremaggiore, XV edizione della rassegna di “Musica nelle corti di Capitanata” – 11 Luglio 2011 – Foggia, Roma Villa Celimontana jazz Festival- Luglio 2013, Teatro Giordano di Foggia – settembre 2015

    Si dedica inoltre all’attività didattica a Roma presso l’ Accademia Romana di Musica, della quale è presidente.
    Da anni è docente, insieme al M° Stefano Rossini, del “Seminario di Musica Brasiliana”, corso di perfezionamento e aggiornamento professionale che è stato riconosciuto dal ministero della pubblica istruzione, nonchè di Seminari estivi ed invernali a cui partecipano alunni provenienti da tutta Italia.
    E’ vincitore del Concorso a Cattedra nei Conservatori ed è titolare della cattedra di Chitarra Classica al Conservatorio U.Giordano di Foggia.

    More information on http://www.accademiaromanadimusica.c...



    Themis Rocha Brazil

    • Accademia Romana di Musica

    Themis Rocha

    At 12 years old, she attends the city of Natal (Brazil) Music Conservatory and takes Classic Guitar as the main instrument.
    At 14, she takes up singing studies as she continues her Conservatory academic plan.
    Since the age of 15, she has participated in several MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) festivals as an interpreter and composer, having received various awards for both categories. Subsequently, she began her solo carrier.
    She gained the status of “Permanent Popular Singer” after passing the Brazilian Musicians’ Order examination.
    She has performed all over Brazil with Canto do Povo, a choir which has been awarded numerous national and international contests and represented Brazil in Europe on two different occasions – including the Vatican City with the attendance of the late Pope John Paul II.
    Since the age of 21, Themis has lived both in Italy and Brazil. During all this time she has pursued her activities and conducted further art studies.
    In Italy, where she currently carries out concert performances as a soloist along with jazz and classical musicians from all over the world, she has taken part in various jazz and Latin American music festivals, such as the Orvieto Jazz Winter Festival, Celimontana Jazz Festival, etc.
    She has recorded studio albums and live concerts with Jim Porto, Eddy Palermo, Gianluca Persichetti, Eduardo Taufic, Marco Persichetti, Irio de Paula, Stefano Rossini, Alfredo Paixão, Michele Rabbia, Maurizio dei Lazzaretti, Harold Bradley, Walter Martino, Giorgio Rosciglione, Claudio Corvini, Toninho Horta, Francis Hime and many other international musicians. The original themes Sedução, Sonhando Ipanema e Ilusões, composed by the talented singer and pianist Jim Porto have been interpreted by Themis and have been broadcast by internationally famous radio networks.
    Over the years Themis has been actively involved in the design and implementation of concert-lessons addressed to Umbria-based elementary and middle school children. As a result, she has obtained extremely positive feedbacks showing a high level of interaction and empathy with pupils, with whom she has used her voice, the guitar, and percussions as instruments. She has also worked as a teacher of Music in the Brazilian Public School system.
    In the last few years spent in Brazil, she recorded the album Labirinto, containing her own compositions (lyrics and music) in Portuguese, Italian and English. This recording was presented simultaneously both in Brazil and in Italy – including Max De Tomassi’s RadioRai music show Brasil.
    During the same period of time Themis conducted further Visual Art studies at the Brazilian Federal University and won the Rio do Grande do Norte state-sponsored contest to be part of the Camerata de Vozes do Rio Grande do Norte choir, directed by the internationally renowned maestro Monsignore Pedro Ferreira da Costa. She was an official member of this institution until February 2017.
    Among her outstanding achievements, her performance at the Brazilian embassies in Rome and Belize, where she represented Brazil to an audience of ambassadors from all around the world, is worth mentioning.
    Themis currently teaches singing at the Accademia Romana di Musica where she has carried out various MIUR-recognised MPB seminars and workshops, along with the professional musicians Gianluca Persichetti and Stefano Rossini.


Members of the jury are not allowed to vote for their own students.


  • A. piano up to age 13 € 60.00
  • B. piano ages 14-18 € 70.00
  • C. piano ages 19 and above € 80.00
  • D. strings up to age 13 € 60.00
  • E. strings ages 14-18 € 70.00
  • F. strings ages 19 and above € 80.00
  • G. guitar age 14 and above € 70.00
  • H. voice ages 17-21 € 80.00
  • I. voice ages 22 and above € 80.00
  • J. brass age 14 and above € 70.00
  • M. percussion age 7 and above € 80.00
  • N. chamber groups age 7 and above € 40.00 each participant

Contestants, who are enrolled in the Narnia Arts Academy International Summer Training Program, might choose to include the competition fee along with the admission and tuition fee.

  • Beneficiary: NARNIA ARTS ACADEMY
  • Account Number: 2000 405
  • Iban: IT32 B062 2014 4060 0000 2000 405
  • Swift (BIC): BPBAITR1
  • Branch Address: Via Turati 25, 05100 Terni, Italy
  • Bank Head Office: Piazza della Repubblica 21, 05018 Orvieto, Italy
  • Applicants are responsible for all bank transfer fees.

Please specify the contestant’s name and competition category in the bank transfer.


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