Classical Music in Jeans

Classical music, an expression of the deepest feelings and voices of various historical periods, for centuries has accompanied the life of man. Discovering and understanding it means to be able to appreciate it. Appreciating it helps develop a healthy enrichment of our sensitive sphere.

Cristiana Pegoraro believes that there is great need to rediscover and deepen the true cultural values. That is why she chose to use an innovative approach to classical music, which is necessary to involve a wider audience and especially to encourage young people to get close to a heritage that should not intimidate, but, on the contrary, has the power to harmonize the inner growth of any human being.

That is why “Classical Music in Jeans” is born.

“Why should I like classical music?”

With the innovative proposal of “Classical Music in Jeans”, internationally acclaimed pianist Cristiana Pegoraro will guide participants in understanding the language and forms of classical music.

Objective: to gain the indispensable knowledge to thoroughly enjoy the classical repertoire.

Student participation will make the learning process enjoyable and inspiring.
Further, the live performances of pieces will be followed by discussions, which will favor an instinctive approach and an immediate opportunity to test the acquired competencies.

The participants will be able to gain more sensibility and consolidate their comprehension of the structure of the language of classical music, which is necessary to fully enjoy this immense and underappreciated repertoire.

Sixth edition – in collaboration with FNISM
January 24 – The Sonata from the Baroque to the Romantic time
February 7 – The Symphony and the school of Mannheim
February 28 – The Concerto: from Vivaldi to the virtuosistic concerto of the ‘800
March 13 –The free forms of the Romantic time: Waltz, Mazurka, Ballade, Scherzo, Fantasy, Theme and variations

Terni, Aula Magna Liceo Classico “C. Tacito”

Price for the whole workshop (8 hours of lessons): 50 Euros.

Information and reservations:
Prof. Maria Vittoria Mattei, tel. 0744 403672
Narnia Arts Academy, tel. 366 7228822

Reservation required.