Prizes and Awards
Each Category will have Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize.

Each prize will receive the Diploma from Narnia Arts Academy International Competition.
Only the first prizewinners in the following categories will receive scholarships awards.

Scholarships are kindly offered by Giorgio De Lorenzi (Società Italia-Argentina – Victor Ukmar Scholarship) and by Renato Cipullo (Cipullo Designs).

Some categories may have special Narnia Arts Academy Awards.

All contestants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The jury also reserves the right not to award all of the prizes.

A. piano up to age 13 *_____
B. piano ages 14-18 €200.00*
C. piano ages 19 and above €250.00*
D. strings up to age 13 _____
E. strings ages 14-18 €200.00
F. strings ages 19 and above €200.00
G. guitar age 14 and above €150.00
H. voice ages 17-21 €200.00**
I. voice ages 22 and above €250.00**
J. brass age 14 and above €150.00
N. percussion age 14 and above €150.00
M. chamber groups age 14 and above €150.00

* The Cristiana Pegoraro Award (€100.00) will be given to the best pianist performing one or more pieces from Cristiana Pegoraro collections: Children’s Songbook Vol I and II (for category A) and Ithaka (for category B and C).
** Special awards could be given