Terms & Conditions

Tuition fees always include Italian bank transfer fees as the responsibility of the participant, therefore, a small balance may remain upon arrival in Narni to be collected at registration.

Management does not assume any risks or damages arising from the on-goings of the participants in the program.

  • The International Vocal Arts Program is open to participants of all nationalities and there is no age limit. For young students, parents will need to sign an authorization form (available from narniavocalarts@gmail.com) exempting the organization from any liability to insure their child.
  • All participants enrolled in the International Vocal Arts Program must have appropriate attire to perform within their respective programmatic performances. Appropriate dress for men constitutes a suit and tie, as well as a tuxedo for orchestral performances (Mandatory). For women gowns that are age and professionally appropriate are required for all performances (Mandatory). Costuming will be provided by the Narnia Festival in addition to requested clothing provided by singers. Please also bring concert-black attire for choral performances (Black shirt/slacks/shoes for men, black gown or two black pieces for women). Character shoes must also be worn by women in staging rehearsals.
  • In the case of cancellation of one or more programs, participants will be notified at the earliest convenience of the administration. The association reserves all rights to move forward with cancelation of any program, and will refund all tuition to attendees in a timely manner to participants involved in that program.
  • If a course is canceled due to a teacher’s serious problem, participants will be refunded the registration and participation fee, less bank transfer expenses.
  • Those having enrolled who are unable to attend the program will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the tuition fee as long as they give notice of at least 60 days before the beginning of the course (this excludes participants in the FULL OPERA PRODUCTION PROGRAM wherein all tuition paid will be NON REFUNDABLE). The management reserves the right to retain 15% of all tuition paid in processing fees in the case of inability to attend the program.
  • Tuition fees always include Italian bank transfer fees.
  • Management does not assume any risks or damages arising from the on-goings of the participants in the program.
  • The organization is not responsible for any damage to persons and property which may occur during the period of the program.
  • The application to the International Vocal Arts Program requires the unconditional acceptance of nondisclosure and assumes a total release to Narnia Arts Academy/Narnia Festival for use of photos and filming of performances, concerts, lectures, masterclasses, staging and any other event related to the activity of the program, without any rights resulting from this use by the program’s participants.

For more information, please contact Cristiana Pegoraro, Artistic Director
at narniaartsacademy@gmail.com.


Photo: Program Director Andrea DelGiudice presenting the Narnia Festival International Vocal Arts Program at the National Opera Center of America, New York