APPLICATION FEE € 140 (non refundable – This fee will be refunded if a course will not be activated due to an insufficient number of students). Bank transfer deadline: June 15th.
– Application fee for the trumpet course (beginners) with Fabrizio Antonelli: € 90.

TUITION FEE FOR ONE WEEK € 200, FOR TWO WEEKS € 400 (includes daily single lessons).

TUITION FEE CHAMBER MUSIC COURSE FOR ONE WEEK € 60 per participant, FOR TWO WEEKS € 120 per participant (includes daily chamber music lessons)

– Package: Application, Tuition and orchestra fee for the double bass course with Mayra Pedrosa and Pierpaolo Mastroleo: € 220
– Tuition fee for the trumpet course (beginners) with Fabrizio Antonelli: € 120.

TUITION FEE FOR THE JUNIOR ORCHESTRA PROGRAM WITH MAESTRO LORENZO PORZIO (includes two-hour daily orchestra rehearsals, orchestra sections lessons, and final symphonic concert) Week July 27 – August 2 € 60 (includes orchestra parts, which will be sent by email).

TUITION FEE FOR LESSONS OF SOLFEGE AND MUSIC THEORY, HARMONY, MUSIC HISTORY, AND ANALYSIS WITH MAESTRO LORENZO PORZIO (customizable based on necessity and non in conflict with the schedule of instrumental lessons and orchestral rehearsals) PRICE MAY VARY BASED ON THE NUMBER OF LESSONS AND HOURS REQUESTED BY THE STUDENT. For info please contact Narnia Arts Academy.

TUITION FEE FOR THE BRAZILIAN MUSIC PROGRAM WITH THEMIS ROCHAS, GIANLUCA PERSICHETTI, CALOGERO GIALLANZA, STEFANO ROSSINI (includes one-hour daily rehearsals, final concert) Week July 27 – August 2 € 60 (free for participants of the courses by Rocha, Persichetti, Giallanza, Rossini).

Bank transfer deadline: July 1st. Payment can also be done upon arrival at the Narnia Arts Academy offices (cash only).

At the end of the program and at the discretion of the Narnia Arts Academy, scholarships might be given to the most talented students.