The Narnia Festival and International Summer Training Program will offer several tours in Narni and surroundings with private guide.

Historic downtown:

  • Undergrounds of San Domenico (XII century) and Auditorium,
  • Undergrounds and Church of Santa Maria Impensole (built in 1175), Eroli Museum.

City Tour:

    • Churches: Cathedral (XIII century), Santa Margherita (XVII century),
      Santa Restituta (IV-V century), Sant’Agostino (XIV century),
  • Theater (built in 1856)
  • Palazzo dei Priori (built in 1275)
  • Main Squares
  • Albornoz Fortress (built in 1370)
  • Ponte d’Augusto (27 B.C.)
  • Rome (full day by private bus)


During the Narnia Festival, Narnia Arts Academy will organize dinners, entertainment and open air concerts in beautiful places.